I´m Henrik Blomgren. I have been working in this field, for like…ages. Ass. Prof at the department for Management at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, active as a strategy consultant, entrepreneur, advicer etc. Not the least you find me in the global world of e-learning like on Coursera, EdX, FutureLearn etc providing courses in exactly this field. Just search there on my name and you find the courses I provide.

Three practical observations triggered me to start thinking of, firstly a book about all this, then secondly this site for keeping the ideas continue to move forward:

1. A LOT OF action is ongoing – but towards where does it actually lead? Handling digitalization is not about “volume” (the more hardware we have, the more data we process, the more accounts we spend time on etc). Instead it is about understanding what actually is happening under the surface when digitalization arrives into an industry, and acting accordingly to that understanding. What is actually happening out there is also what I write about here. I try to sort out the small buzz, from what is really important.

2. LEADERS IN INDUSTRY have no problem of taking on “another project”, not the least in the area of digitalization (heading for next buzzword maybe?). Managers have been running digital tech-projects for several decades. The problem is instead the opposite: shortening the list of all possible actions to take (the list easily just gets longer and longer every day). I here try to help out by providing a less stressful day – focusing on things that actually matter, so you can skip al the buzz. You better not just swallow all things that people tell you to care about. Instead: make up your own mind.

3. DIGITALIZATION ACTUALLY FORCES leadership, in itself, to change. So, finding what “keys” that really matter today is important (as well as knowing how to push them) – not the least if heading for digitally transforming an organization. I here try to help out on that. “How” to make important things happen, so to speak.

You are welcome to share and use this content, but nice if you refer to it. I practice the Fair use doctrine concerning copyright-material. You can reach me via HenbloATkth.se.