when the door is ajar, on Mondays at 12.00-13.00 CET. Six, Nine, Nine (numbers) then add…0711 6263. Henrik Blomgren. Or ping him. No fun in a time-zone trap.

And here is more about me.

As long as nothing mess up, I run a Zoom-Drop-In. Chat, book a meeting, consultation, whatever. Just gave you the Meeting ID.

I have spent quite some years now puzzling out this rabbit we tend to call ’digital’. Even more; Disruption and Transformation.

I´m curious and old enough to be interested in meeting new partners in crime and listening to interesting ideas.

Who stole that particular cheese?

So many strange things are said about digital these days. Time for walk over? No, because joint forces is better than thinking alone.

Mail possible, But honestly: a bit overcrowded. My Drop-in is a much better idea.

— ?! —