How unique the kind of knowledge that Mira possess actually is

Well, I have tried to find the answer to that question myself, it is tricky. But here is what I have found out.

I do think actually believe that Mira, the starting story in my book Stop Nobody Move, is a great role model for the kind of leadership that we need now: First of all, someone that knows how to act during unstable times – seriously searching for answers to what will happen next, and utilizing history as a tool in order to find that out. Secondly, someone that is willing to take a risk. Thirdly, someone that is having a strong believe of something different than what we at this moment have right in front of us.

What I do know is also the following: I have searched quite a lot on the web after actors giving “advises” on how to act during situations like the one Mira ended up in. I have not found much but finally I have at least found “recommendations” given out by the UK government concerning how to “handle a terrorist attack” (see the footnotes in the book). They actually just suggest you to “run away from it”. That might tell us something.

But now that we know Mira’s recommendation, the best thing to do is probably not that. So, how come government officials suggest what they do? Could it be that not even them are having her kind of knowledge?

I have also asked Mira herself about this. Her comment was “everyone that has been into the war of Yugoslavia knows”. But when asked “how come” her answer became “I don’t know. I think, my parents and I did learn it by trial and error, at least no-one that I remember of thought us”. That might also tell us something.

I think it also is worth reflecting on the fact that today, the way she reacted is not a big thing to herself. To her it seems more like something “one just do”. Doesn’t that just tell us that ones we do have a certain model in our head, it is just there (and we normally don’t think that much about it)? We most often just seem to use the models we carry around with, by reflection – maybe just instinct. And I guess: that could be one of the points with them…as long as it is the “right” kind of model.

But as you already know, if it is not the right model, we might end up at a bad place, and then suddenly…all what I just said becomes problematic.

And by the way; Yes, the story about Mira in the book is true. Self-experienced.