Don Quijote could be your best friend

I pretty often tend to use pictures of Don Quijote, you know: the man that was fighting against wind-mills. To be honest: I even have a picture of him in my office. It hangs there in order to help me remember. And here is what I use it for.

The interesting thing with Don Quijote was not that he was fighting against enemies that did not exist. That we all already know about it. The interesting thing is instead that he was willing to do it, even though lot of people that he met during the road told him that he was crazy.

I seriously don´t think I am particularly crazy. On the contrary actually. But; we seem to be living in times when a lot of people seriously don´t believe that it is possible to try to figure out the big contours about the future. It is even pretty common I hear people claim it not even being worth trying.

When that happens I try to smile a bit ironically on myself, and think about Don Quijote as a good friend.

If you one day find yourself in desperate need trying to convince someone else on a need for radical change, perhaps because you believe that your industry is about to be disrupted. You might even be scared on the mere idea that “without radical change” something very sad might happen. If that happens, then perhaps a picture of Don Quijote might give you a smile, and then you might get back in track again.

Life is far to short not to smile at it. Sorry: with it.

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