Should I, or should I not, listen?

Is there a case where we, even live, can train ourselves in order to be good at caring about weak signals? We cannot listen to everything. But sometimes we actually should listen. The big trick is to know when, and when not, to care. And yes, here is case we can use to become better at this.

There really are…so many things to care about in the world nowadays. And everyone seem to suggest us to care, at least about something.

I think that this new published book could be useful for exactly just this challenge.

Education is the case in it, so if you care about education, this book could be interesting as such.

But even if you don´t care about education; this is a case that you can use in order to train yourself a bit, on this particular question.

This Q is actually one of the most important, and challenging, leaders of today have to cope with.

Amazon…Listen: Signals of change…is the title.


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