Even though Amazon, Baidu, Yandex and all the others already are tremendously big; There is still room for more

Here is a link to an article I suggest you to read. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jun/16/google-apple-dictating-european-democracies-coronavirus?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

It is an interesting example on something that now has been cooking for a fairly long time, but sooner or later will create some kind of change compared to the way life looks today.

One might assume that digitalization will continue to keep the globe totally open. That is what Moore´s law tell us, right? An email to be sent anywhere, and read anywhere. An E-shop to be able to sell exactly all over the globe, no matter where it is registered. And then one also might assume US-based digital platforms, like for instance Google, Amazon, Facebook and YouTube, to be dominating the globe.

But then I think we are wrong. It is far stronger things ongoing here. At least for the upcoming decades, and therefore this matters.

Well, in the very long run it is very likely that Moore´s law will outperform all this, but we are not even close to that situation, yet.

This article can be boiled down to these kind of questions: is it likely that EU, in the long run, will accept that what ones was its colony now have become its final ruler? Or is it more likely that the big US-platforms will be cut up in pieces (just like Standard Oil some hundred years ago)? Or, is it more likely that Chinese platforms will take over instead?

Or, is it even more likely, which I heavily believe in, that we will see regional differences, for instance Chinese platforms dominating China, Russian sites in Russia, US-platforms dominating in US etc.

Notice: in none of these scenarios…life will remain the same as it is of today.

But how about Europe then? Left behind, squeezed in the middle, or smart enough to take a position of its own? And how about Latin America and the middle East? And Africa?

No chance the big US-based platforms, in the long run, will be able to continue to have as such strong power as they have today on the globe. If we assume that, well, then we don´t understand the power of actually being a bigger population than the number of people living in US. EU is bigger than US. But yes, I know: China is even bigger than that. And then we have Russia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America etc.

The globe is not ready for one ruling it all. It is going to take time before we end up there.

And this leads to tremendously interesting business consequences.

In other words: There is still a lot of empty rooms left, and I suggest that you occupy one of them.

Why not try India for instance?

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