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This book: Stop! Nobody Move. Transformation beyond digital – A handbook beyond handbooks. Find it here jointly with other books at Amazon I have published.

I wrote that book as a consequence of lot of professional education, and consulting, I have been doing in this field over the years.

It´s about theories we actually can use in practice. Also about a method in order to know; how to manouver a disruptive process? And how to lead an organization during such times? Lot of cases in it.

There are patterns in how a disruptive process plays out. When we know them, we can use this knowledge to our own advantage. Still; disruption is a process pretty often misunderstood.

Play, It well – Strategies for digitally disruptive times. We need a clear case, a hands-on story, of an industry where disruption already has happened. And most of us don´t really know what actually happened to the music industry, not the least why and how it did. Still that industry is so often mentioned in this context. This is the real story.

But I actually only use the music industry in this book as a gunny pig in order to help us understand other industries – lot of other cases in it.

The book Listen: Signals of change: Digital & Disruption + Education & MOOCs is about a live ongoing case of disruption…the educational industry – actually among the biggest industries there is on the planet.

It can be used for leader-training: should I, or should I actually not, care about just a small weak signal of something happening around us (the way disruption always start)? But it can also be used if interested in figuring out: what is really happening to education, now when it has ended up in digital times?

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Other digital footprints already out is for instance this Coursera-course, called “Impact from Digital Transformation”. It may help you figure out how to cope with digital power. It clearly relates to the content in the two first books mentioned.

This clip: About really understanding computer power, by eating it.

You can also subscribe on my YouTube-channel called “Henrik Blomgren Intentional“. I make small clips on the issue here from time to time.

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