A new book, to be called “Play it, well”, is already on its way. It should be finished autumn 2020.

Most people mention the music industry as a case of disruption. But few seem to know what really happened. This books is about how we can use what actually happened in the music industry in order to understand not only what disruption really is, but also how to foresight the next industry becoming disrupted.

It is about how to Play disruption, well.

After that a book called “Disruptive Education” is likely to be written. Education, and what is happening there due to digital powers, is something I have been specifically interested in for a long time. It is the reason why I also run this site; called Disruptive Education.

I don´t exactly know what to write after that but very likely is a book about “books”, and Amazon, and their business model – it does not work the way one might think. Utilizing that as a practical case in order to show what changing competence due to digital disruption means, in practice. It´s preliminary name is “Control shift”. We need to shift competence. It´s like pressing that key on the keyboard.

Or, maybe you have a better idea? Mail me and tell me what you think: