Already out

My first book about Digital Distruption and Transformation is “Stop! Nobody Move. Transformation beyond digital – A handbook beyond handbooks“. You find it here at Amazon.

I wrote it as a consequence of lot of professional education, and consulting, I have been doing during the years.

My second book is “Play, It well – Strategies for digitally disruptive times“. You find it here at Amazon.

I wrote it as a consequence of the first one. Needed a case. It´s important for ideas to become hands-on. And most people don´t really know what actually happened to the disrupted music industry, and why – and what not happened, and why. But I actually only use the music industry as a gunny pig in order to help us understand other industries – lot of other cases in it.

While waiting for new books to come out I believe you will find this Coursera-course useful, called “Impact from Digital Transformation”. It may help you figure out how to cope with digital power. It clearly relates to the content in the two books mentioned above.

You can also subscribe on my YouTube-channel called “Henrik Blomgren Intentional“. I make small clips on the issue here from time to time.

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