footprints who doesn’t vanish. After this direction for quite a few years now…

Stop! Nobody Move! Perspectives. Structures. Methods. How to cope during digital times? How to manouver a disruptive process? How to transform?

Insights easily become blu-ray. Stories, metaphores, a little smile; needed.

Patterns can be used to our own advantage.

Digitalization is still often misunderstood. And so is Disruption, and Transformation

Play It, well. Music. Hands-on. When digitalization is much more than just digital. The best case of a recently disrupted industry.

Not only Spotify. Everyone, and everything, else.

But it´s only a guinea pig. Show, don’t tell. Dissect. How to act really smart during digital times? How to miss great opportunities?

Listen: Signals of change. Instead a live ongoing case. The whole point. Education. That industry right in the middle of transformation. Why wouldn’t we care about the biggest one ever?

Listen; major change start in this digital way.

Disruptive Education: Far better, and far more, for far less. An example on how to really. The only Q left; how to get there?

We do really live in a moment in time. Unusual. Is actually possible. Just chew on it. Mindblowing that is.

But can we believe in it?

Also at Medium, Quora.

Another one that we shouldn’t is Disruptive Education.

Impact from Digital Transformation, Coursera. How to cope with the rabbit, what all this boils down to. That, Australia, and the Arrow.

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Henrik Blomgren Intentional. Small YouTube from time to time. But I don’t always speak just because that I can.

Click-power; just eat it!

Sorry. At least, not yet. But podcast was a nice gift by the rabbit.

To me?

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