speed up? Social media. Slow down? Books. The middle ground? This notebook.

-> Subscribe. We can’t hide forever. Rockets can miss.

Making sense; who manages that during these digital days?

Fluffy buzzwords not here.

Digital powers are playing us tricks. Strange things happen everywhere. Are we too eager; just act? Typical for our present times. We easily mess up for ourselves.

No worries. Nothing will break. Stop.

Digitalization, Transformation, Disruption; no need to be that fast.

Possibilities that others can’t see.

The only way foreward is stop.

Acting makes the world spin. We don´t need to stop for that long. Growing a long beard while life passes us by, why?

Just use the time already available.

Acting blindfolded; only for the beginners?

What happens next is.

But Don Quijote is already dead. The world is not only flat anymore. A digital Christopher Columbus, that’s a far better analogy here. If exploring for meaning that is.

Stop Nobody Move; a pointer. Not a crusade? Well, at least a challenge worth something.

What can we use?

– ! –