Social media is fast. This site is slow. My books are even slower. It captures the whole point. The slower medium we use, the more we have to think things through.

Then, why keep a secret notebook, now when everyone is connected? Nope.

So, welcome to my public notebook.

Three reasons for it:

1. To keep published books updated. New editions upcoming. How often depend on how fast/slow I have new, relevant, ideas. Make me speed up. Intervene here.

2. To collect notes for books I am in the process of writing. Click “Next” and find out what books I am writing about at this very moment. Interrupt me here.

3. For ideas of books I perhaps should write in the future. Things I post on social media are not as carefully thought through as here. Intervene here. Correct me here.

The name Stop Nobody Move? The title of my first book about digital disruption and transformation. My crusade…

We need to stop for a minute, give ourselves time to figure out what digital power is doing to/with/for us. Better smart, than fast.

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