Seriously: Predicting future?

Yes, of course, why not? We all already do it, daily. Noone can actually live without predicting future. The difference is not if we do it or not, but in what future we try to predict, as well as how we actually do it. But here is a bit longer answer to this Q.

It ought to be acknowledged: I’m not suggesting that we can predict all details about future. For instance it is extremely difficult to predict if a certain company will be successful or not in the future. In the book I’m actually just claiming that we, over a certain time period (like 5-10 years), can predict how the contours of a new business landscape will look like. And that is most often the “only” future leaders will have a need to know something about.

But to be even more precise: I’m actually not even claiming that. What I do instead claim is that we can develop a picture of a possible future…and if using that picture as a living working tool, we can gain a lot. And we can gain a lot simply because we with that tool in hand can have something to steer with. The map we develop in this book is actually not really ”a map”, it is more like a steering-ore. And the big point is: No matter what we do…we still need something to help us to steer with.

Having that said: the “only” thing I’m providing you with in this book is an articulated, structured, way to think about future.

But in many cases that is far better than either just plain guessing about future, or not think about it at al (but just “act”).