The point of listening to Pink Floyd when digital disruption comes along

It´s not that common finding cases of actors that know how to act smart during times of disruption. But that is something the pop-group Pink Floyd seem to have managed. Here is an explanation to why you should care.

In the beginning of my book “Play It, well” I tell a story about Pink Floyd suing their own record label EMI, for being put out on iTunes. It happened year 2010 and the point is: Pink Floyd won the case. Or, actually they settled – EMI payed a decent amount to Pink Floyd.

However; what is even more interesting with this story is that Pink Floyd, just a short time later, actually came back to iTunes. And; they also did it with the help of their own record label EMI.

Adding to that: most evidence point at Pink Floyd knowing, already from the start, what was ongoing in the music industry, when it disrupted. So, they played “smart”, and finally, ended up with streaming.

They must have had a picture in mind on how the future business landscape for music would look like, and headed for it with a clear target. It explains their actions.

This story is worth digging into. Not the least because we already have seen similar things happening in other industries, and very likely will continue to see it.

The overall point is: 1. It is possible to figure out the rough contours on how a business landscape finally will look like, when it disrupts. 2. If having such kind of picture in mind, one can do actions that others might find very strange, but still be the smartest moves ever. 3. And all that means that it actually is possible to act smart during times of disruption.

We simply do not have to act blindfolded when an industry disrupts.

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