It´s true that Columbus should have been the most wealthy person on the globe

Yes, it actually is true, if you believe that the Spanish crown should have given him what he was promised. Check out the footnotes in the last chapter of the book Stop Nobody Move and get the whole story behind. But why am I then so obsessed with him? Or, am I? Well, here is the answer.

No, I am actually not obsessed by Christopher Columbus at all. I just stumbled on him, when sitting in Canary Island ones writing this book. And it became a mind blowing experience.

The thing is: there is a museum in Las Palmas, I suggest you to visit it, simply because there was the last island Columbus landed at, before he went “left”. And at this museum you can see what kind of maps that he used, and how well educated, and prepared for his trip, he actually was.

Still, he did the navigation mistakes I mention in the book.

Columbus is just a very illustrative example on what might happen when well-educated people use the wrong kind of map when entering into the unknown. And, to put it mildly, what happen to industry when digital powers start to disrupt, is actually the unknown.