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So much has already been said about our digital age. But I still wonder if this book does not give real meat on the bones. Full of concrete examples from the world of education of what it means to be able to deliver far better and far more, for much less. In fact, it is now possible to do.

You are hereby invited at this restaurant, at Amazon.

I hope you find value-for-money food for thought here.

Fixing the chaos on the net – the third road for freedom of speech

Ban words, at least restrict them. Don’t ban words, don’t even restrict them. Chaos is now created on the net and the different opinions about it have become unusually clear. Recently due to Joe Rogan and his podcasts about COVID on Spotify. But none of the existing opinions will fix the chaos. This is the road we should take instead.

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Why, really, should you learn Digital Transformation?

When I was younger, my father often said to me: “Learn this… Because it’s good for you.” But even though he just wanted me well… it didn’t work. Does that way of arguing actually work in any contexts? But, then perhaps this way of thinking instead can help you move forward…

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Should I, or should I not, listen?

Is there a case where we, even live, can train ourselves in order to be good at caring about weak signals? We cannot listen to everything. But sometimes we actually should listen. The big trick is to know when, and when not, to care. And yes, here is case we can use to become better at this.

There really are…so many things to care about in the world nowadays. And everyone seem to suggest us to care, at least about something.

I think that this new published book could be useful for exactly just this challenge.

Education is the case in it, so if you care about education, this book could be interesting as such.

But even if you don´t care about education; this is a case that you can use in order to train yourself a bit, on this particular question.

This Q is actually one of the most important, and challenging, leaders of today have to cope with.

Amazon…Listen: Signals of change…is the title.


Strategy before structure, not the other way around

How is it that startups organize differently than large industrial companies? How is it that different consultancy companies are now merging? How is it that many large companies find it difficult to make use of today’s rapid technological development? The answers lie in an understanding of the processes for which new technologies create the conditions.

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Digital health care: what´s next?

There are already more new digital solutions, and startups, and changes, to care about if you are interested the health care industry than there are days left in your life. But this particular solution I suggest you to care about a bit more than others. And it is simply because it is very low-tech. Here is why, and how, you should care.

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Wittgenstein understood remote work, way before us

Of what kind is disruption of work and the mere idea of skipping having an office? Not the least: are there any useful advises on how, now, to cope with it? Well, advises are simple to find. But how good are they, actually? Here is “the best advise on these advises” you ever can find, at least so far.

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Why Playing It well matter

Here is a link to a pod-discussion about my book Play It well I think you might find useful. I myself at least found the discussion the ones of us had in it very interesting. Not the least I found it interesting when we, a bit into it, started to talk about the point in “metaphors” and “story telling” in order to understand digital disruption. Continue reading “Why Playing It well matter”

Networks and friends up, admin-support and middle management down

Imagine I gave you the power of, let´s say a moon-lander. What would you be able to deliver? Quite a lot actually, not the least if you knew how to handle such kind of machine. How far could you then leverage yourself? All the way up to the moon, perhaps? Well, it depends on how you have acted, so far, and how you will act further on. And here is how I suggest you to act, if you want to end up in…well, why not go for Mars instead of the moon?

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