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So much has already been said about our digital age. But I still wonder if this book does not give real meat on the bones. Full of concrete examples from the world of education of what it means to be able to deliver far better and far more, for much less. In fact, it is now possible to do.

You are hereby invited at this restaurant, at Amazon.

I hope you find value-for-money food for thought here.

Fixing the chaos on the net – the third road for freedom of speech

Ban words, at least restrict them. Don’t ban words, don’t even restrict them. Chaos is now created on the net and the different opinions about it have become unusually clear. Recently due to Joe Rogan and his podcasts about COVID on Spotify. But none of the existing opinions will fix the chaos. This is the road we should take instead.

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Why, really, should you learn Digital Transformation?

When I was younger, my father often said to me: “Learn this… Because it’s good for you.” But even though he just wanted me well… it didn’t work. Does that way of arguing actually work in any contexts? But, then perhaps this way of thinking instead can help you move forward…

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