The point in stopping for a minute or two

What is actually the point with a book-title like “Stop Nobody Move”? Well, here is the answer.

Since several decades back we have had a very rapid digital development. We have also seen new companies evolve and totally change the name of the game. It has happened in industry after industry after industry.

Lot of talented people that work on these, lets call them startups, have tendency of being talented and action-oriented. You never get anywhere in life unless you act, so that being the case is not surprising.

However; If we just took a bit of time, not that much actually, to do an analysis of what is actually going on around us, we, in average, will do better actions.

So, I am definitely not about acting. On the contrary. But I am for the idea of acting smart.

There can be no point in acting per see, it has to be the right kind of action.

Having that said I do not suggest us to sit down for weeks, months, and just think. I just humbly suggest us to stop, for a minute or two. In general; if taking a couple of days of, we can actually come up with great conclusions, and then do far better actions.

And to be honest; even though the digital development is rapid, and we have to act fast, we don´t have to act that fast. Life does not change over night.

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